Private Eye Tests

At Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists we are meticulous in our approach to eye care. Equipped with the latest technology great care is taken in providing a thorough check on the health and optical status of your eyes. At least 45 minutes is allocated for every eye test, allowing the optometrist time to explain any findings and address any patient concerns.

It is important to us that every client is treated as an individual and continuity of care is assured as part of the high quality service provided by the practice.

If an optical correction is necessary, we will discuss your individual visual needs to ensure that the prescription we provide satisfies your occupational and lifestyle requirements.

Investing in the latest technology

Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists continually invest in the latest technology to provide the best quality eye care in comfortable, well appointed consulting rooms.

Digital retinal photography is undertaken as a matter of routine to assist in the detection and monitoring of retinal conditions.

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Signs of Diabetes in the eye

Eye Scan Image

OCT Scanning

The most recent acquisition is a 3D OCT scanning system – Optical Coherence Tomography. This highly advanced hospital grade screening instrument makes it possible to see beneath the surface of the retina. The use of OCT has revolutionised the practice of ophthalmology in recent years, providing in vivo optical biopsy in a matter of seconds. This has led to dramatic improvements in the understanding, early diagnosis and management of certain ocular conditions, which in turn can reduce their impact on the eyesight.

Age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, macular holes and vitreous detachments are examples of conditions that can be detected with the OCT.

Completely painless, non-invasive, simple and quick, it uses low coherence infrared light to take cross sectional scans, providing high resolution images of the retinal microstructure.