Chanel Showcase

Welcome to our Chanel showcase for an insight into the very latest designs from the exclusive French fashion house.

We are privileged to be one of a select few authorised Chanel eyewear stockists outside London. Our collection is regularly updated to give our clients the opportunity of seeing the latest launches.

A timeless brand, Chanel has always remained loyal to the values inspired by Gabrielle Chanel: luxury, style and elegance. Chanel is celebrated for it’s use of unconventional materials such as leather, pearls and tweeds which form part of Madamoiselle’s heritage.

For inimitable style and attention to detail, there is nothing to compare. Chanel eyewear is an iconic fashion accessory that will make you look chic and feel fabulous!

Call in and see the latest collection of optical frames and sunglasses at Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists.


CHANEL evokes a style of timeless elegance and simplicity, as inspired by its founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. To appreciate the craftmanship and handwork involved in the production of CHANEL eyewear, click on the fascinating film clip on the right.

CHANEL eyewear designs are characterized by powerful symbols of the brand’s identity including:

  • Quilted Leather – since 1955 the quilted bag has become a worldwide reference
  • Chains – on their own, or entwined with leather are a feature of the Chanel style, appearing in bags, necklaces, bracelets and belts
  • Pearls – Coco Chanel loved to wear multiple strings of pearls
  • The Camellia – Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower, loved for it’s simplicity
  • Lucky Charms – for luck, fortune and prosperity
  • Double C – immediately recognisable emblem of the brand
  • CHANEL – prestigious name, a symbol of luxury and elegance

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Chanel Sunglasses Model 5381 Colour Black 501

Chanel Bijoux 3362B Colour 1599

Chanel Sunglasses Model 4222 colour gold

Chanel Runway Sunglasses 4223 Colour 395T6

Chanel Sunglasses Model 5278 Colour 1623/K3 pink

Chanel Glasses 3359 Colour 1601 Spring 2017

Chanel Glasses 3377H

Chanel 3372 Colour 1295 Havana

Chanel Identity Chain Glasses 5352 Colour 714S5

Chanel 3343 Identity Chain Glasses Colour 622