Vinylize is a totally unique brand of eyewear specialising in frames made from old vinyl records. The idea began when Zachary, the company owner, noticed his father’s old record collection in the corner of their garage. A sudden inspiration, Zachary thought why not recycle these into eyewear. In 2004 this epiphany became a reality when Zachary and brother Zoltan opened Tipton Eyeworks and began making Vinylize eyewear.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Tipton Eyeworks first began using communist vinyl salvaged from the flea markets. Tipton Eyeworks have now been remastering vinyl records into eyewear for over 10 years. By using this unusual but fascinating material, Tipton have created a collection which is distinctively big, thick and rugged. The grooves in the vinyl are an integral part of the design which gives each piece a defining signature. The individuality of every vinyl record means that even frames of the same model have irregular colouring so each frame is unique. Each frame incorporates 5 barrel riveted Italian hinges.

The Vinylize mission is to create innovative glasses of exceptional quality on an eco-friendly basis. Firstly by using old vinyl records the brand begins its process of recycling. To maintain a commitment to the environment, Vinylize also reuses and recycles as much as possible. Even the cases are made from 7 inch singles.

New for 2017, Vinylize have released a limited edition collection NVSBLE. Made of clear vinyl, NVSBLE uses vinyl in it’s purest form to create a translucent but distinctive look. Clear vinyl preceded the classic black and is the antithesis of the conventional perception of vinyl. Each model comes with a 12″ transparent vinyl case continuing the transparent NVSBLE theme.

See this interesting collection for yourself at Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester. Keep vinyl alive and get into the groove with Vinylize eyewear!