Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci has become one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury fashion world.

Original Gucci designs were inspired creator Guccio Gucci, who spent his early life as a hotel worker in Paris. He was taken by the intricate details of luggage, briefcases and handbags by the guests he greeted every day. After returning to Florence in 1921, Gucci started to build his brand as a luxurious designer with traditional styling. Since then, Gucci has been a highlight in fashion through the decades.

Since creation, Gucci has enjoyed a prominent reputation across celebrities, royals, politicians and others in the public eye. In the 1960s, Jackie Kennedy Onassis purchased a Gucci handbag, later named the “Jackie O Bag” which catapulted the brand into the fashion spotlight. Years later, Princess Diana made the bamboo handbag an icon extending the Gucci reputation into the British royal family. Even Elton John’s eclectic style has been shaped by Gucci, especially in eyewear which now has a range dedicated to his unique vibrant style. More recently, Gucci have embraced celebrity endorsements to accelerate their popularity with generation Y. Rihanna, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt and Harry Styles have all collaborated with Gucci, creating a buzz amongst young people and transferring their appeal from professional woman, to the fashion forward millennial.

In 2015 Gucci was reborn thanks to the appointment of Alessandro Michele as creative director. Michele has encouraged a surge of bold and bright colours, new age styling and fashion forward catwalks which have reinvented the brand for a younger audience. Of his own designs, Michele says “I love to see how very brave the young people are – they have no rules” an ideology clearly seen through the eyewear range. This renaissance in design has positioned Gucci firmly back in the limelight as a trident of modern couture, street style and vintage. Though recreated for the present, the famous icons of Gucci still shine through. The double G is prominent as ever, alongside the equine horse bit and Gucci font from the 1930s. Today, the brand stands as a  leader in fashion for the 21st century.

With defined branding and stand out designs, the Gucci eyewear collection is full of fearless style for confident millennials and classic reinventions for dedicated Gucci followers. The Gucci eyewear collection, made in Italy, represents outstanding Italian craftsmanship and bold statement.

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