In 1999, Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson, decided to found Bevel, a spectacle frame company with a commitment to improving personal style and the self esteem of it’s wearers. Richard and Rick see that eyewear not only provides a visual function, but also highlights the key features of the face and so should be something of style too. They set out to create glasses that were simple, easy to look after, well made and looked great every single day.

Bevel spectacles have a speciality in petite frames for smaller faces. They make stylish glasses for women who struggle to find glasses that fit their face properly. 

Richard and Rick had been colleagues at the Optical Shop of Aspen (OSA) and began a professional friendship after relying upon one another for advice and creative opinion. Richard, a British traveler with a love for New York, had worked not only at the OSA but also alongside french designer, Alain Mikli where he learned about optical creativity, colours and materials. Whilst Rick, American, born and raised had a background of the optics business having grown up with his father owning an optical store. The two recognised their differences would be a strength in establishing a business together. Today, the pair divide their responsibilities with Richard focusing on creative design whilst Rick manages the functional side.

Bevel doesn’t aim to be the coolest, hottest or most recognisable frame designer, instead they’re committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist aesthetic, using the most high-quality materials. Production is based in Japan where they use the finest Mazzucchelli acetate to make all their plastic frames and titanium to create their metal frames. To create simplistic, well made frames that will suit every day wear is what Bevel try to achieve. Their colours for ladies reflect this ethic as they are based on the MAC cosmetics eye shadow palette, making them easy to wear with all skin tones.

For those of you with small faces who find frames too wide, slip down your nose, or simply just too big, Bevel is the choice for you. Discover the Bevel collection in store at 4 New Town, Chichester.