Adidas eyewear products are designed to meet the needs of various sports including running, sailing, skiing, golf, mountain biking and cycling. Close co-operation with top athletes during product development ensures the sunglasses fulfil the needs of these specific sports. Golfers, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose are brand ambassadors for Adidas sunglasses.

“See Better, Be Better” is key in sport and Adidas patented LST light stabilising technology filters help you see clearly and effortlessly in various lighting conditions as well as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, dirt, rain and wind. Whether you are on snow, water, a bike trail, golf course, or just generally outdoors Adidas have the perfect LST filter for your needs.

Adidas Quick-Change Lens System enables fast and easy lens changes from one lens filter to another so you are always well prepared for any light and weather conditions.

Adidas ClimaCool anti-fog dynamic ventilation helps stop your lenses from fogging and disturbing your eyesight.

Wrap-around frames and lenses provide the widest field of vision and a snug fit. Adidas unique Traction Grip offers a non-slip and pressure-free stable fit for complete comfort. The frames are developed to be compatible with helmets and other headwear to avoid causing any pressure points.

The TRI.FIT system provides three different options for the angle of the lens to ensure a perfect, personalised fit and to compensate for ears at different heights.

To optimise the resting position on the nose, the Double-Snap Nose Bridge offers an adjustment for the width, creating a comfortable fit without any pressure points. In addition the non-slip, soft material gives a secure feel.

Manufactured by the respected eyewear company Silhouette International in Austria, Adidas eyewear is made of a unique material called SPX. This material is hypoallergenic, ultra-light and flexible for maximum comfort. It is also strong and hugely force-resistant to guarantee top stability. Furthermore the high surface hardness of the material enhances frame durability and abrasion resistance.

In 2018, Adidas Sport Eyewear launched two new collections using a 3D printing technique to create the brand’s lightest prescription-ready frames yet. The diamond grid structure is produced using a digital light synthesis technique. The manufacturing process is highly eco-friendly with zero wastage. The process ensures that the frames are resistant to temperature changes and the effect of UV rays, whilst avoiding discolouration from perspiration.

The result of this attention to detail in Adidas eyewear design is not just another pair of sunglasses but an essential part of your sports and lifestyle  equipment.

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